Sharepoint Edit in Datasheet locks or freezes Internet Explorer

Recently I had an issue with a new masterpage for one of the companies in our group of companies. The design is pretty much the same for all companies, just different logo, header illustration and footer image. For some reason IE would hang if the user selected “Edit in Datasheet” in a Document Library.

Googling the problem gave me a couple of hints:

… but none of them helped in my situation.

I tried to implement the new design step-by-step and noticed that the freeze-problem only occured when I changed the footer image. After a lot of trial and error I found what seemed to be the culprit of my problem. The footer image that worked was 322×19 pixels. The image that didn’t work 316×21 pixels. By resizing the footer image I found that as long as the height was 19 pixels I could change the width without any problem. Don’t ask why I tried this in the first place…

This correlates to Tom’s discovery which suggests that the GC-functions that resizes the grid is dependant on the scroll height. When the footer image got taller than 19 pixels – scroll height changes too.

Conclusion: Edit in Datasheet is VERY dependant on the layout. Hope Microsoft can fix this soon!